Convocation Ceremonies

Convocation ceremonies are typically sponsored by a college, school, or department. At most convocations, undergraduate and graduate students are individually recognized, which is not possible at the larger university-wide Commencement ceremony.

The main difference between a convocation and the university-wide Commencement ceremony is that degrees are not conferred at a convocation, and are usually hosted by either the dean or department head. Convocations are designed to complement the university-wide Commencement ceremony and are scheduled to avoid any conflict with the university-wide Commencement ceremony. Please follow the instructions sent from the unit regarding convocations. If your unit does not host a convocation, you can still take part in the university-wide Commencement ceremony.


Registering for Unit Convocation Ceremony

Find unit registration information through your college department or unit listed below.


Convocation Mailings

In addition to the university-wide Commencement ceremony, various units sponsor convocations and/or receptions. Most of these events require tickets and/or registration. Students should receive information regarding unit convocations directly from that unit. If information has not been received by April 1, please call the unit contact person.


College, School, and Departmental Convocation Ceremonies and Receptions