2018 Honors and Awards

2018 Honorary Degree Recipients

Sheila C. Johnson (BME 1970, Fine & Applied Arts)
Founder & CEO, Salamander Hotels & Resorts
Vice Chair, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Robert S. Langer
David H. Koch Institute Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Biographical Information

2017 University of Illinois Alumni Achievement Award

William Baker (MS 1980, Engineering)
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

Stephen Elledge (BS 1978, Chemistry)
Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics and Medicine in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and the Division of Genetics at the Brigham and Women's Hospital


2017 University of Illinois Distinguished Service Award

Colleen Callahan Burns (BS 1973, Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences)
United States Department of Agriculture


Past Honorary Degree Recipients


Ronald Adrian, Doctor of Engineering


Narayana Murthy, Doctor of Science
Jagdish Sheth, Doctor of Science
Edward Taylor, Doctor of Science


Ralph J. Cicerone, Doctor of Science
Risa J. Lavizzo-Mourey, Doctor of Science
Timothy J. Nugent, Doctor of Humane Letters


George E. Andrews, Doctor of Science
Phillip A. Sharp, Doctor of Science


James Thomson, Doctor of Science
Fred Volkmar, Doctor of Science


Raymond Ozzie, Doctor of Engineering


Gary R. List, Doctor of Science


Erich Bloch, Doctor of Engineering
Richard Felder, Doctor of Engineering
Arnold L. Mitchem, Doctor of Humane Letters
Betty Chan Po-king, Doctor of Humane Letters


Suze Orman, Doctor of Humane Letters
Carl Jude Schramm, Doctor of Business
Arnold L. Mitchem, Doctor of Humane Letters
Betty Chan Po-king, Doctor of Humane Letters


Jay Gates, Doctor of Fine Arts
Mannie L. Jackson, Doctor of Humane Letters
James McPherson, Doctor of Letters
Andrew A. Sorensen, Doctor of University Admin.
Peter Walker, Doctor of Fine Arts


William D. Nix, Doctor of Engineering
Genshitsu Sen, Doctor of Fine Arts


Julian Bond, Doctor of Humane Letters
Elaine Fuchs, Doctor of Science
Burt Rutan, Doctor of Engineering
Thomas M. Siebel, Doctor of Engineering


Archie R. Clemins, Doctor of Engineering
Bill Geist, Doctor of Letters
Hanke Burghard Gratteau, Doctor of Letters
John Cornelius Houbolt, Doctor of Engineering
John W. Hutchinson, Doctor of Engineering


Frances E. Allen, Doctor of Science
John Hope Franklin, Doctor of Humane Letters
Temple Grandin, Doctor of Science
Lani Guinier, Doctor of Laws
Freeman A. Hrabowski, Doctor of Education
Shirley Ann Jackson, Doctor of University Administration
Christine Marion Korsgaard, Doctor of Humane Letters
Robert P. Moses, Doctor of Science and Letters


Irving Lee Azoff, Doctor of Music
Barry Bearak, Doctor of Literature
Louise Bourgeois, Doctor of Fine Arts
Rita Rossi Colwell, Doctor of Science
Peter Gay, Doctor of Letters
Hermann Zapf, Doctor of Fine Arts


Maya Angelou, Doctor of Humane Letters
Peter C. Doherty, Doctor of Science
Agnes Gunde, Doctor of Fine Arts
Sheldon Hackney, Doctor of Letters
Stanley O. Ikenberry, Doctor of University Administration


Robben Fleming, Doctor of University Administration
Lukas Foss, Doctor of Music
Ekaterina Genieva, Doctor of Letters
Vartan Gregorian, Doctor of Humane Letters
Judith Heumann, Doctor of Public Administration
Orion Samuelson, Doctor of Letters


James Carey, Doctor of Letters
Susan Daniels, Doctor of Public Administration
Luis Leal, Doctor of Literature
Gordon Moore, Doctor of Science
Paul Simon, Doctor of Public Administration
Karen Uhlenbeck, Doctor of Science


Alfred Y. Cho, Doctor of Engineering
Marianne Grunberg-Manago, Doctor of Science
Richard Kaplan, Doctor of Letters
Leo Melamed, Doctor of Letters
Shozo Sato, Doctor of Fine Arts


Myron Essex, Doctor of Science
Donald Kuspit, Doctor of Humane Letters
Robert D. Novak, Doctor of Letters
Clyde W. Summers, Doctor of Laws


William G. Karnes, Doctor of Humane Letters
Rudolph Arthur Marcus, Doctor of Science
Robert Lee Metcalf, Doctor of Science
Diane Sawyer, Doctor of Humane Letters
Arnold R. Weber, Doctor of Humane Letters


George Myles Cordell Fisher, Doctor of Science
Sybil Collins Mobley, Doctor of Science
Bruno Nettl, Doctor of Humane Letters
Jeanne Hurley Simon, Doctor of Humane Letters


John Chancellor, Doctor of Humane Letters
Hachiro "Buddy" Koyama*, Doctor of Humane Letters
Edwin G. Krebs, Doctor of Science
William J. Rutter, Doctor of Science


Barbara Everitt Bryant, Doctor of Humane Letters
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Doctor of Humane Letters
Katherine Dunham, Doctor of Humane Letters
Miroslav Marchovic, Doctor of Humane Letters
Billy Taylor, Doctor of Musical Arts


Henriette D. Avram, Doctor of Science
Justin Dart, Doctor of Humane Letters
Marian Wright Edelman, Doctor of Social Service
Paul Erdös, Doctor of Social Science
Akio Morita, Doctor of Engineering
Allen Stuart Weller, Doctor of Humane Letters

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