Information for Faculty


The 147th Commencement of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will be held on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Academic staff are invited to participate in the faculty procession at the campuswide Commencement ceremony. Academic staff whose department or college holds a convocation ceremony will register for the campuswide Commencement ceremony either through their department or college. All other academic staff will complete a participation form sent to them by the Committee on Commencement in March.


Instructions for the Campuswide Ceremony

Commencement organizers will be present at Memorial Stadium on May 12 to review the following directions, as well as others, for all participants.

All faculty/academic staff participants:

  • Faculty should arrive by 8:30 a.m. Enter Portal 3 at Memorial Stadium and follow Irwin Service Drive to the rear entrance of ARC. Follow the signs to ARC Gym 4.
  • Parking information for faculty will be provided at a later date..
  • Faculty participants do not need a ceremony ticket and should arrive dressed in academic regalia. Faculty should wear their academic regalia to be identified by security staff (not a lost parent/guest) and allowed entrance.
  • Please do not bring valuables to the ceremony. There is no secure storage space available.
  • Please do not carry purses, cameras, laptops, iPads, Programs, or other paraphernalia in the procession. Programs will be distributed at the time of seating, inside the stadium.
  • Turn off or silence all cell phones.
  • Procession organizers will provide additional instructions that day, lead the procession, and assist with seating. Please allow the organizers to provide direction to the correct row in the faculty seating area.
  • Hooding faculty will line up separately from non-hooding faculty. A carefully designed system to govern the hooding process in is place. Simply follow the directions as provided that day.
  • If assistance is needed in walking or climbing stairs, please let the organizers know upon arrival.
  • A stadium diagram, parking permit, and further instructions will be emailed to all participants in May.

Hooding faculty/academic staff participants:

  • Gather by the appropriate posted college sign of the doctoral candidate who will be hooded. Faculty and candidates will line up in order of the doctoral candidates to be hooded. The procession organizers will provide a list of candidates as you arrive. A carefully designed system to govern the hooding process is in place. Simply follow directions to form the proper marching, seating and hooding order.
  • After being seated on the field wait for the procession organizer to send your row to the stage to hood your candidate.
  • When indicated, use the steps on the side of the stage. Stand on one of the marked spots (X) on the stage floor. A stage diagram will be emailed to you in May.
  • If you are hooding more than one candidate, stay on the stage and move out of the way and behind the line indicated on the stage floor until your next candidate is called.
  • When you finish hooding your last candidate, exit the stage by using the stairs on the rear of the stage and return to your seat.

Non-hooding faculty/academic staff participants:

Gather in the specially marked section for non-hooding faculty in ARC Gym 4. You will line up in two lines and follow the hooding faculty in the procession. Persons who want to sit together should line up one behind the other in the same line, not across from one another. Procession organizers will make sure you are in the right place at the right time.


Faculty Academic Attire

Rental Academic Attire for Faculty

Appropriate academic attire is required of all participants and will be provided at no cost to University academic staff. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign graduates wear custom regalia designed specifically for this campus. Academic attire consists of a blue mortarboard, a tassel, a blue gown and, in the case of a graduate degree, a hood.

Faculty members renting regalia whose highest earned degree is from the Urbana campus will wear the custom regalia. All other faculty members ordering rental regalia will wear a black gown, black mortarboard, tassel, and hood representing their institution. Faculty members who have a degree from the Urbana campus and own their own regalia may rent the custom regalia or wear their own regalia.

To ensure proper degree representation, academic attire must be ordered by 5:00 p.m. on April 6. If participants have previously purchased their own academic attire, they are welcome to wear it to the ceremonies.

Purchase Academic Attire for Faculty

Herff Jones Cap and Gown Company is the only company that manufactures the Urbana campus custom regalia. If you are interested in purchasing a mortarboard, gown and/or hood, contact our Herff Jones representative at or (314) 369-6668. This is not a retail store; therefore, you must call to schedule an appointment to meet with a sales representative. Delivery may take 6-8 weeks, based on the attire being purchased.


Inclement Weather Plan

If it is raining or rain is in the forecast on Commencement Day, guests should come prepared with their own appropriate rain gear (umbrellas and ponchos). Graduates and faculty will receive a complimentary poncho at Portal 3 when they enter Memorial Stadium. Umbrellas will not be allowed on the field of Memorial Stadium where graduates and faculty will be seated, but they will be allowed in the stands for use by guests.

In case of extreme or dangerous weather, the ceremony will be cancelled for the safety of our graduates and guests. No indoor facility on campus can accommodate the graduating class and their guests. Every reasonable effort will be made to hold Commencement as planned.

If the ceremony is underway but is interrupted by severe weather, the ceremony may be abbreviated and graduates and guests should follow instructions as announced. it is advised that graduates prearrange a meeting place with their families and guests in the event that the ceremony is cancelled.

For the most up-to-date information regarding changes to the Commencement ceremony, please visit: Graduates who have signed up at: for the campus emergency message service also will receive a text. Local media will be alerted as well if the ceremony is cancelled.