Campuswide Ceremony Instructions


Registering for the Campuswide Commencement Ceremony

Register between February 20 and April 30 at for the campuswide Commencement ceremony and indicate you plan to participate when ordering academic attire online.

Doctoral candidates must register through the Graduate College on-line at or by contacting the Graduate College at (217) 333-0035.

Doctoral students may designate someone to hood them on stage at the campuswide Commencement ceremony. Designating a hooder is optional.

If you do not wish to designate a hooder, the dean of your college or a member of the platform party will be present to hood you. Many students, however, wish to designate someone special, such as an advisor, a faculty member, or perhaps a family member. Hooders must have an earned doctorate. It is up to the graduating student to contact and invite designated hooders, and to confirm their availability.

You will have the opportunity to designate your hooder when you register for the campuswide Commencement ceremony via the Graduate College. If you do so, it is essential that he or she order rental academic regalia. UI faculty and staff will be contacted about ordering regalia. The University will pay for their regalia rental. If you want someone outside the University to hood you, that person will need to pay a rental fee for the non-University hooder regalia.

Please note that designating a hooder for the campuswide ceremony at the Memorial Stadium does not register that person to serve as your hooder at a unit convocation ceremony. To designate a hooder for a convocation ceremony,  please contact your college.


Update Your Student Status

To protect our network, the university will remove the student status information from the NetIDs of all undergraduates, graduate students, and professional students once they graduate or leave campus. You can continue to use all of your services until your student status is removed. If you leave the University in May, your student status will be removed the following spring semester. Please see IT Services After Graduation for additional information.


Celebrate Commencement with a Memorable Gourmet Brunch

Share this special occasion with the entire family. Reserve your spot at the 2017 Commencement Brunch.

Saturday, May 13
7:30 - 11:30 a.m.
SDRP in Ikenberry Commons
$15 per person (tax included)

Menu includes carved ham, fresh fruit, French toast, omelets, smoothies, and more.

Make your reservation online by May 5 at GO.ILLINOIS/EDU/COMMENCEMENTBRUNCH.
Walk-ins are also welcome. A complimentary shuttle from Memorial Stadium to SDRP will be provided.


Campuswide Commencement Ceremony Instructions and Information

In order to participate in the campuswide Commencement ceremony, you must:

  1. Order academic attire – a mortarboard, gown, and in the case of a graduate degree, a hood.
  2. Register between March 1 and April 30 at for the campuswide Commencement ceremony and indicate you plan to participate when ordering academic attire online.
  3. Obtain guest tickets.
  4. Pick up your academic attire.


What to do on Commencement Day

Arrival Time for Candidates

Candidates for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, J.D., D.V.M., and Advanced Certificates should report to Memorial Stadium no later than 9:00 a.m. Please refer to the section "Seating and Conferring of Degrees" for your appropriate location inside Memorial Stadium.

Doctoral candidates should report to ARC Gym 4 by 8:30 a.m. for instructions from Graduate College staff regarding the procession into Memorial Stadium. Please do not bring anything with you to ARC or Memorial Stadium. You are not allowed to carry anything in the procession and there's no secure place to leave it in the staging area.

Candidates receiving University Honors (Bronze Tablet) should arrive at Memorial Stadium by 8:45 a.m. Additional instructions will be mailed to these candidates.

For security purposes, upon arrival, candidates and guests will be asked to demonstrate that they do not possess anything that violates House Rules.

In the event of rain, graduates will be given a complimentary poncho to wear over their academic attire. Umbrellas will not be allowed on the field of Memorial Stadium.


Seating Procedures

Seating and Conferring of Bachelor’s Degrees

Candidates for Bachelor’s degrees assemble in the section of Memorial Stadium on the field designated for their college or school. Candidates should fill in the front rows. Memorial Stadium ushers will provide assistance, if necessary. Candidates from each college rise as a group and are presented by their respective dean to the president.

Band and chorus members and ROTC candidates should stand at the same time that other candidates for undergraduate degrees from their college are presented to the president.

University Honors (Bronze Tablet) recipients Assemble as a group and process onto the field before the doctoral candidates. They sit together and are presented as a group to the president. They should also stand when candidates from their college are presented to the president. Bronze Tablet honorees are distinguished by orange and blue braided cords, which are worn from the left shoulder and are provided courtesy of the Office of the Chancellor.

Seating and Conferring of Master’s Degrees, J.D., D.V.M., and Advanced Certificates

All Master’s degree, J.D., D.V.M., and Advanced Certificate candidates sit as a group in their designated area inside the stadium. Master's degree recipients and candidates should wear their hoods into Memorial Stadium. Candidates rise as a group and are presented by the dean of the Graduate College to the president, who will confer the degrees.

Seating and Conferring of Doctoral Degrees (Ph.D., Ed.D., J.S.D., Aud.D., and A.Mus.D.)

Doctoral candidates will receive a registration confirmation from the Graduate College after registering for the campuswide ceremony on the Web.

All Doctoral degree recipients assemble as a group in ARC Gym 4 and line up in the order assigned by Graduate College staff. Doctoral candidates proceed into the stadium following the platform party and are seated on the field of Memorial Stadium. The dean of the Graduate College asks the Doctoral candidates to rise and presents the candidates to the president, who confers the degrees. Doctoral candidates then proceed across the stage to be presented individually to the chancellor and president; candidates must arrive on the stage in the proper order.

Candidates should carry their hoods, unbuttoned, over their left arm while approaching the platform. A member of the platform party or the hooder designated by the candidate then takes the hood from the candidate for the formal hooding. After shaking hands, each graduate returns to his or her seat and remains standing until all doctoral graduates have returned to their seats.