Faculty Academic Attire

Rental Academic Attire for Faculty

Appropriate academic attire is required of all participants and will be provided at no cost to University academic staff. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign graduates wear custom regalia designed specifically for this campus. Academic attire consists of a blue mortarboard, a tassel, a blue gown and, in the case of a graduate degree, a hood.

Faculty members renting regalia whose highest earned degree is from the Urbana campus will wear the custom regalia. All other faculty members ordering rental regalia will wear a black gown, black mortarboard, tassel, and hood representing their institution. Faculty members who have a degree from the Urbana campus and own their own regalia may rent the custom regalia or wear their own regalia.

If participants have previously purchased their own academic attire, they are welcome to wear it to the ceremonies.

Purchase Academic Attire for Faculty

Herff Jones Cap and Gown Company is the only company that manufactures the Urbana campus custom regalia. If you are interested in purchasing a mortarboard, gown and/or hood, contact our Herff Jones representative at pattystorie@att.net or (314) 369-6668. This is not a retail store; therefore, you must call to schedule an appointment to meet with a sales representative. Delivery may take 6-8 weeks, based on the attire being purchased.